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This is a fun page because the sky is the limit! You can pick ANY organization on here, contact them to see what they are in need of and organize a drive to meet their needs! This is a group friendly, family friendly page as you can do this at work, school, sports clubs etc.... I think this is one of my personal favorite pages because you get to volunteer AND donate all at once! And remember, the sky is the limit for what you can accomplish!

The Wishing Well

We are a community-based support agency that is focused on the well-being of foster youth in Pierce County. Our mission is to provide the clothing, supplies, and experiences unavailable to most foster children and to retain quality foster homes in Pierce County by addressing financial barriers to accepting foster placements.

volunteer needs: "cool" trendy teen sized clothing, any age/size childrens clothing really!  "cool" teenage backpacks, gift cards for teens, school supplies, contact us for more ideas!

Erika Thompson, 206.406.2398

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